“Welcome to Advanced Dental Arts! Since 2011, Dr. Geoffrey Riley and our experienced and skilled team have worked hard to provide outstanding dental care in Parkville, Kansas City, Missouri near Platte Woods, and the surrounding areas including North Kansas City, Gladstone and Briarcliff. Dr. has completed extensive dental education and training, focusing in implant and cosmetic dentistry. This includes completing additional continuing education courses after graduating from dental school to better provide you with exceptional dental services. One example would be the one-year residency as part of an Advanced Education in General Dentistry program that he has completed. Our dentist is committed to offering the best possible dental care for your family so you can enjoy optimal oral health. Part of this commitment is utilizing state-of-the-art dental technology and skills. Call 816-452-1888 to talk to our office today and make your appointment!”


Dr. Geoffrey Riley is our friendly and talented dentist at Advanced Dental Arts. Dr. is a member of the Spear Faculty Club, an organization of dental professionals dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain top-notch oral health. He will work with you one-on-one to find a treatment plan that suits your unique dental needs, so you can enjoy the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve!