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my children have been going to Dr Hauetter for years and I have for a year after Dr Mouse retired. They use to accept amariplan but do not now. I went to Oakhills Family Dental because they did except amariplan and they offered a first time $59 visit cleaning with x ray BUT Oakhills Family said they could not clean my teeth because of a gum infection. their treatment course was 2 visits of deep gum cleaning about $1000 and said I needed a crown and a filing to cost about $1500 WOW! $2500
Dr Hauetter said he didn’t think I needed any of that and I left with a cleaning $77 and am do to go back in 3 months to re clean to pope fully clear up the gum infection. These people care and are not out to do any unnessacary procedures.
I recommend them
– David W.

After seeing two highly rated dentists in my local area, and $5000 later – I still had the same problem. A couple of co-workers recommended Dr Riley after a 5 year hiatus and I made an appointment.

I’ve seen them twice now and could not be happier. They work with my schedule, allow me to set appointments online and do fabulous work. I would recommend this office to my sainted grandmother, they’re fabulous
– Carla A.