Dr. Geoffrey Riley is dedicated to helping you smile with confidence. He is proud to provide gum contouring to significantly improve the look of your gums and your overall smile. To learn more about gum contouring in Parkville, Kansas City, Missouri, and to make your appointment, call Advanced Dental Arts at (816) 452-1888!

Your gums frame your teeth, helping them stand out and shine with the stark contrast of white teeth and pink gums. Gums surround the top root of your teeth in a natural, scalloped pattern to protect your smile and keep it stable. Several factors affect the appearance of your gums including texture, thickness, height and color. All of these factors affect how your overall smile looks.

Gum contouring is the practice of perfecting the look of your gums. Our skilled dentist can help improve flaws such as uneven gum lines, awkward protrusions and differing texture to give your smile a more appealing look. The goal of gum contouring is to enhance your gums so they compliment your smile.

Our dentist utilizes laser dentistry to make this process and efficient and pain-free as possible. Results are immediate, and you can enjoy your stunning new smile within a day or two of the procedure. Call to make your appointment today!